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Assessment education workshop (June 28, 2014)
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Carrying out accredition, evaluation and notification studies for Science, Literature, Science-Literature, Faculties of Language, History and Geography (will be called as Faculty of Science and Letters (FSL)) which are in different disciplines Fedek will contribute to the increase the quality of higher education in Turkey. FEDEK was founded for the purpose of developing the education-training, scientific research and community service in the FSL departments.

FEDEK is engaged in the following activities to accomplish its goal:

  • Evaluating and accrediting the FSL instruction departments upon the applications of institutions,
  • Conducting the selection of evaluators to be employed in the accredition studies and their education,
  • Informing the program directors and instructors about the program evaluation, and providing training for them,
  • Watching perpetually the current and future needs of the FSL program’s equivalents, providing the determination of the program evaluation criterions, renewal and review of the evaluation criterions and processes when necessary,
  • Organizing meeting in national and international levels such as course, seminar, conference, panel, workshop and supporting such studies in this context,
  • Making contacts with national and international associations, trade bodies and accreditation foundations, collaborating with them, carrying out joint projects and helping each other about education, evaluation and accreditation,
  • Making international mutual and multiple sided recognition agreements,
  • Joining the related national and international foundations,
  • Carrying out research and examinations and getting them done in order that the activities could be effectful and developed,
  • Providing all kinds of necessary information, document and journals, forming a documentation center and a webpage to declare its researches issuing newspaper, magazine and book along with study and notification bulletins to give out its members, preparing, giving out and publishing printed and audio-visual material about its study field,
  • Providing all kinds of technical equipments, office and stationery supplies,
  • Engaging in charity collection activities on condition of obtaining required permissions in accordance with the ways stated in the 2860 numbered Charity Collection Law, accepting domestic and abroad donations,
  • Founding trading, commercial and industry businesses in order to obtain the incomes it needs or becoming a partner with similar businesses,
  • Purchasing, selling, renting, renting out the movable and real properties and establishing real right on the real properties,
  • Establishing a federation if necessary, or participating in an established federation, establishing facilities required permission by obtaining a permission, establishing foundation associations with some amount of the properties,
  • If necessary, managing joint projects on the subjects related to the state instutions and organizations without prejudice to provisions with respect to 5072 numbered Association and Foundation’s Relations with the State Instutions and Organizations,
  • Forming platforms to carry out a common purpose with the other associations, foundations, syndicates, unions and similar civil society organizations in the fields related to its goals and not prohibited by laws.

Address: Zincirlidere St. 86/4, Meriçoğlu Plaza, Esentepe / Şişli - İstanbul | Phone: 0 (212) 211 0281